Sunday, March 01, 2015


What Would Mom Do?

I lay in bed at night and ruminate over my various concerns and worries and most times the prevalent thought is, what would my mom do? How would she handle this situation? What words of advice would she offer? 

I think of my mom every day. I miss her every day. And when the going gets tough I think about her words of wisdom and calm demeanor in the face of a storm. I try to not only conjure up what her answers might be, but I also try to channel my inner "mom". I take a deep breath, close my eyes, think practically, and try to find the solution. That's the image I have of her. I think of her calm words even when she might not have been sure how to handle issues with me or my sisters. But we never knew that. She always sounded confident and smart and guided us without being a helicopter mom and without making too many judgements about our decisions. 

I don't think I have fully evolved into being that type of mom, but I do know that I can always ask myself...WWMD? And that brings me great comfort. 

Friday, February 27, 2015


Big things are happening around these parts. 

Lily is starting the book part of Drivers Ed on Monday. I can clearly remember thinking about this event about 4 years ago when she was in 5th grade. And here we are ready to embark on a whole new chapter once again. As I type this, I'm thinking---wow, in another 4 years Lily will be off at college and Shelly will be starting this same journey. Amazing and hard to believe!

Our other big event? Shelly just lost her last tooth and wrote her final tooth fairy note. For ten years these girls have been losing teeth, writing notes, and counting their tooth fairy money. 

Shelly's Tooth Fairy note

As a mom of young children it seemed like it would be an eternity before some of these bigger milestones would come to pass. Now, as a mother of a tween and a teenager those milestones came to an end all too fast. Cherish every little bit of their lives and don't apologize for taking photos and making those memories last. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cabin Fever & Stomach Flu = Art Therapy

Shelly caught a stomach bug on Wednesday night and it was holding on strong all day Thursday. She had a little water throughout the day and took several naps. This morning she woke up feeling a little better, but I could tell she still she wasn't 100%. 

Her sister headed out with friends to see a movie and Shelly and I stayed behind. With Shelly gaining a little more energy, we decided it was time to make some art. So, we looked in the craft cabinet and found a wooden frame, a wooden door hanger, and a small canvas. She got to work creating some art pieces and it passed the time while she worked on feeling better. 

And after the crafts were completed it was time to bake a cake. We didn't have much of a plan so we decided on baking the cake in round pans. Once it was cooled we stuck it in the freezer for a few minutes. 

Then it was time to assemble the cake into the shape of a cat. Shelly and I used our various resources in the house to decorate the cat cake. We were pretty pleased with the outcome. 

This is what the cat spends most of her time doing at the back door:

Oh, and once Shelly was feeling better from the flu the rest of got the stomach bug. I've spent the majority of the day deep cleaning the house and ridding ourselves of the germs!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

This and That Snow Days

So, when you're pretty much housebound on these snow days things get silly and crazy. So, here are some photos and video to prove just that!

Preparing for the sledding adventure

Shelly rocking a mismatched look

Out the back window on Wednesday---the sun shining brightly!

Daisy getting her close up shot

And, on Day Four of the never ending snow days, Shelly has the stomach flu...never a dull moment.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Let it Snow

We are going on our third snow day here in NC. Yesterday it was time to hit the golf course hill and do a little sledding. We even went back out for some night sledding. It was a fun day for the kiddos.

Trying out the new sled

Ready for fun in the snow and sun


Ellen and Fenway

Pretty girls

The group


Heading back up the hill

Kids, adults, snow, and sleds


Shelly ready for night time sledding

Click on the video below for some action shots from the day:

Monday, February 16, 2015


I love decorative pillows. I really love pillows that are a good deal and comfy. At Christmas I found this cute pillow from a local crafter. 

Recently, I went back to her sale and found another fun pillow to use in place of the Christmas pillow. 

I look and look for pillows, but they tend to be so pricey. I spend quite a bit of time in Target and I'm always on the lookout for pillows there. And finally all of the stars aligned and these pillows popped out at me.  The cream/tan design pillows were sold as a set for $29.99 and then I got my 5% Red card discount. The creamy white blanket pillow was on sale for $12.48. So, it was a good day for pillow shopping. 

The leopard pillow is an oldie

Love the feel and texture of this sweater pillow

And now, my couch is overloaded with pillows! These tend to move around the den and land on a couple of the chairs. So, the den becomes a warm and comfy sea of pillows and blankets. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Get it? Galentines day....a celebration that includes your gal friends. Lily planned a get together with some of her friends that included a trip to Target and dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Then they came home and made Valentines themed snacks and watched Friends on Netflix, nonstop

Shelly also had a friend over and they accompanied John and me to our yearly Valentines dinner at the cafeteria. They helped with the snacks and especially 
enjoyed eating the snacks!

It was fun night of friends and love.