Tuesday, June 27, 2017

7th Grade!

Shelly wrapped up her 7th grade classes with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. She is excited to be the top dog in the middle school next year.

I've watched Shelly become an even more independent, smart, and creative teenager this school year. She has worked harder than ever and her hard work has paid off. Shelly faces challenges with such a brave spirit and I know this will make her life easier. She is so helpful and kind and people recognize this about her on a daily basis. 

Shelly is ready to relax and spread her wings this summer and I'm ready to watch her soar!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Junior Year Complete

Lily successfully completed her Junior Year of high school on Tuesday morning. She took her final exam in math and she was done. Lily has exhibited so much poise, endurance, and motivation during her first year at a new high school. I have thought about her situation often and I'm always impressed with the way she faced this new challenge. 

I'm not going to say it was all rainbows and happiness. There were moments that tears were shed and things seemed pretty bleak, but she forged ahead. I'm thankful that along the way she encountered teachers and students who made things a little easier and encouraged Lily.

Lily was on the Executive Board of the SCA and she met new people, became involved with the school, and learned to be more empathetic with others. A skill that will last a lifetime. Something that I'm not sure all high school students possess. And, although, it was sometimes a difficult lesson for her, it has made her a kinder and happier person. 

And, as my mother would say---Out of all bad, comes good. I think that's exactly where Lily is right now. She's ready to embrace the good!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Random Update

So it's been awhile since I last blogged. I'll try to catch up with some of the very random things that have been happening.

 We've spent quite a bit of time at the beach and just started using my dad's pool which has been great. Love the warm sunshine.


The girls have been busy with the last week of school and that means completing assignments, taking exams, and wrapping up activities in class.

Lily applied for the SCA Executive Board for next year and she was accepted for another year. Very proud of her motivated attitude. She was also asked to be a part of the National Honor Society's Executive Board for next school year.

Shelly has been working hard on her SOL tests and giving it her best. She is a hard worker who is always committed to her school work.

Fynley continues to add so much love and happiness to our lives. We are lucky to have this little Peekapoo.

We've enjoyed some nights eating outside at various restaurants. We love the gliders at Rudee's.

Shelly helped John clean the roof and sky lights on top of our porch. When she was done helping, she climbed through her bedroom window!


We attended a graduation party for one our good friends' daughter. 

Shelly has made a couple trips to Greensboro for her orthodontist appointments. The most recent trip included the knowledge that at her next appointment, she will have her braces taken off!!! So proud of her and all that she has done to be extra responsible with her braces.

Always being silly with their cousin.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Teacher Appreciation/End of Year Gift

For the girls' teacher appreciation gifts this year, we created little movie packets with popcorn, movie candy, and a Redbox coupon for a free movie. 

We put together 18 of these gifts so it's important to keep it pretty cost effective. There are so many fun and fancy variations of this gift out there. 

These would also make nice gifts for the end of the year and you could also add in a coupon to an ice cream shop or swap out the Redbox coupon for a movie theater gift card. Always so many options!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Lily's 17th birthday was on Friday and we had a great time celebrating her! Lily took the day off of school and we went to IHOP for breakfast and then shopped at MacArthur Center.

For dinner, we met my family at PF Chang's and finished our meal with her favorite Cheesecake Factory red velvet cake. So yummy!!!

As a little surprise following dinner, we booked a room at Escape 2Win for an escape room adventure. We were booked in the Explorer's Club and worked as a team to get out of the room with just 3 minutes remaining in our hour.

Afterward, it was back to our house to open her gifts from us. She used some of her birthday money to splurge on a really nice camera. I loved that she made this invest that will last her for quite awhile.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Lily is 17

What!? Really? When did this happen? I can not believe that I have a 17 year old daughter. And, I feel so lucky she's a part of our family.

She is a complete joy to mother. She's funny and thoughtful. She's smart and mature. Every day with her I laugh and have fun. I'm always impressed with the way she has handled a tough situation. I'm so eager to watch her grow and blossom even more over this next year.

Happy Birthday to my sweet and lovable Lily.

Friday, May 05, 2017

8 Gifts for Moms

Mother's Day is right around the corner and I've been thinking of some fun gift ideas for that special mom in your life. Here are eight nifty ideas to get you started:

Kate Spade Tumbler--this is such an adorable travel cup. I'm a sucker for iced tea and this is a perfect choice for traveling with your drink. 

Alex and Ani candle--I had no idea Alex and Ani made candles until recently. A friend gave me this candle and the smell is awesome. It's subtle but still fills the room with a delightful scent. 

Flamingo Clips--I love these cute beach towel clips. They make a day at the beach even more fun and they add a little smile to any beach lover's face. 

Aura Digital Frame--moms love to look at photos of their children. This digital frame goes through iPhone photos easily with a Bluetooth connection.  The frame is a pretty addition to your home decor while also being a great way to share photos with the whole family. 

Q & A for Moms--this is such a great way to journal your life as a mom over five years. Moms can use this to document their lives and this is a special way to look back and reminisce. 

Huffy Bicycle--this was actually my Mother's Day gift last year. My version is coral and mint and I love it. It's reasonably priced and ideal for the pleasure bike rider. 

Temptation--this is my favorite scent from Victoria's Secret. Your mom might like this one or any of the other lovely lotions. 

Tiffany bracelet--this is an extra special gift for an extra special mom. Love this bracelet.