Wednesday, January 07, 2009

So, when my sister and I were in Chicago we were having a discussion about eyebrow tweezing. We both mentioned that the place we always noticed our eyebrows growing out of control was in the car in the rearview mirror. At that moment, we both said..."hey, we should keep some tweezers in the car for a quick touchup." And then just hours later we were in the Nordstroms Rack and I found two of the mini Tweezerman tweezers for only $7 each. And, since I felt it was definitely fate, I snatched up the mini tweezers and presented them to my sister as a lovely reminder/souvenir of our Chicago trip. Odd??? Yes, but oh so practical. I keep mine in the car and absolutely love knowing I can do a quick fix right in the driveway!!! Want more great tips? Check out Rocks in My Dryer. And, here's the word I have chosen for 2009...CREATE!!! It really encompasses so much of what I am striving for right now. I want to create:

  • a happy home & husband

  • a relaxed attitude

  • joyful children

  • a less stressed life

  • pretty crafts

  • yummy food

  • a better me

So, I am hoping to set off in the right direction as I attempt to Shine in '09!!!


  1. Those tweezers are so cute. They make me want to pluck my eyebrows lol. Great tip!

  2. It's the daylight, always better to pluck in daylight! When I worked (outside the home), I kept a pair in the car too. On my lunch break, I tweezed away!! Great idea!

  3. ummmm. best idea EVER...!!!!!

  4. Those tweezers are adorable! I keep a set of tweezers in my purse for the exact same reason. I ALWAYS notice the 1 stray hair in my car's mirror :)