Saturday, August 22, 2009

Off She Goes

Here I am waiting on the edge of excitement and complete fear. Where will the next few days and weeks take me? How will my little girl fare in this new big world of school and learning? As I anticipate all of the upcoming events in Shelly’s life I can’t help but reflect on her sweet little existence to this point.

Her birth was not a routine and easy one. She was in an awkward position inside my belly and the doctors decided her best entrance into the world would be via c-section. It wasn’t the way I had planned it. Nonetheless, there she was this little baby girl who immediately reminded me not of her father or Lily, but most definitely reminded me of my father. Her sweet little face and her dark blonde hair were reminiscent of my pop. She would favor the Ruesch side of the family unlike her big sister. A new path was developing and right off the bat I realized I had a different child than the first.

Shelly reminded me a bit of myself. She appeared to have the characteristics of the runt of the litter. She struggled with birthmarks that needed to be evaluated by a dermatologist. Shelly was forming a flat head due to positioning and required a doctor’s attention. She had difficulty walking (and finally did so at 22 months old). She was recommended for speech evaluation. And her biggest obstacle to overcome would be her potty training issue. Shelly is shy and reserved---a trait she shares with her mother.

Each day I am reminded of her fun loving and easy going spirit. She is an easy child to parent who goes with the flow and has definitely made our family complete. We have silly nicknames for her and we all protect her and love her more than anything.

As I think about her future, I hope that she will be brave and happy in life and will tackle the challenges that are put in front of her with ease. So, on Thursday she will get on the school bus and head off to a day of school. Her sister will be there with her to add comfort and love. I will wave as they leave me and I assure you I will cry. But, I am excited for Shelly and what lays ahead of her---new experiences, new fun, and new friends. This new phase will revolutionize our family and I think we could all use that right about now.

My sweet little baby girl at 2 years old:

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