Monday, November 30, 2009

Family Fun & Thankfulness

We had a terrific time with our fabulous family. It was just the best. We got to see so many of our family members and eat some amazing food.

Some serious food prep

Sweet Cousins


Grandpa with some of his granddaughters

The table and placecards

Kids' Table

Cute Kodi
My Pop and April the kitty cat checking out some football

Kathy & Gay

The charades fun begins...

And THEN...the dancing starts...

Ok, Linda and Shelly need a break...checking out the sale ads
Smiling John...after the desserts!

The scene late into the evening...watching football and sleeping???

Oh my goodness that was fun! The rest of the weekend was similar to this photo essay...lots of laughs, silliness, family, and love.

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