Thursday, December 03, 2009


Last night Lily was reading her book, Kira Kira, and decided to stop for a bit. I offered to read a few pages to finish the chapter. In the story, an 11 year-old girl has a 15 year-old sister who is dying. I began reading and was just awestruck with the following passage in her book:

"Then I didn't feel like crying anymore. I just felt barren, my eyes felt dry. The sky was still gray. Everything was gray, the sky and the store and even my hand when I held it out in front of myself. I wondered if anyone else in history had ever been as sad as I was at that moment. As soon as I wondered that, I knew the answer was yes. The answer was that millions of people had been that sad."

I couldn't believe the words I was reading. They felt like they were being pulled right from my heart and my head. So many times I think to myself that no one else has ever been as sad as I have felt over these last nine months. But, I suppose I have always known that my feelings of grief are not exclusive to me. It was just so interesting to read the words aloud. Amazing how words on a page can touch someone so deeply and so completely. Yet another example of how books can cha
nge your life and perhaps even put a new perspective on it.


  1. (((Karol)))... Your grief is very real and there is no time table in this very personal process. Just know that we will always be there for you with a shoulder to cry on... for as long as you may need it.

  2. I second what Kimberly says. (((Hugs))) Love ya, Karol!