Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Crazy

So yesterday the girls had a half day of school with an early release at 12:45. About 10 minutes before we left for the bus, they called to say they would be dismissing school at 10:00. So, off the children went to school for a 2 hour day!

Why all of this excitement to let the kids out ea
rly????? Why, snow, of course!!! At about 1:00 the flakes began to fly and the snow came fast and hard. By the time we left for the neighborhood cookie decorating party the snow was everywhere! After lots of cookie fun the kids all began to beg to go outside.

Lots of children gathering their gear for the big snow adventure.

So, without proper snow gear we let them at it. And boy did they all (about 15 children) have fun!!! It was so fun to watch them from inside our friends' house while sipping a cosmopolitan!

Today the snow fun continued. The girls bundled up in appropriate clothes and we headed outside. You might remember some of these winter clothes. When you live in the south you don't invest much money in new snow bibs or boots. So, these clothes are a repeat of years past, but with shorter pant legs...oh well.

Shelly in my parka. This parka was purchased for me when we lived in Kodiak, Alaska. At the same age (5) I was wearing this adorable fur coat. Loved seeing her in it.

The girls had tons of fun on the sled being pulled behind the golf cart. We made a snow man and did some sledding down our little hill. When it was all finished, they gathered round for some hot chocolate outside by the pool.

It was the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit and kick off the Christmas break.

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  1. Fun, Karol!!! We got a big, fat NOTHING here. Just 34º and cold rain. Not that it really matters much to me... but my kids sure would have liked to have been playing in some snow today! Oh, and besides letting school out 1 hour early, they went ahead and cancelled basketball practice for last night, *and* Owen's game this morning because it *might* snow. Only here in the south, huh?