Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Shelly Bean


Today is my baby girl's birthday. I can't believe that this little girl is now six!!! When did she go from this little tiny girl to a big girl out in the world on her own? She has made so many strides in the past year and I am so excited to see what she will do next. 

Shelly thrives in school and loves being with her friends. She is such a sweet little snuggle bug and a huge helper...always there for me to help matter what.


Here are a few of my special memories of this day six years ago:

  • Shelly arrived via c-section after about 5 hours of concern about her positioning inside of me.
  • It took us about 10 hours to name her and when we did, it fit her perfectly.
  • The moment I saw her I was amazed that she was a little blonde and didn't look just like Lily.
  • When Lily first met Shelly it was love at first sight and thankfully that continues.
  • On the Monday that I came home from the hospital with Shelly I was greeted by my wonderful parents within just a few hours. What a blessing. I will always be so grateful for having them there with us.

Shelly will always be my baby (just as I was always my mother's baby). 

She is a joy, a completion to our family, and every day a delight. Happy 6th sweet Shelly Bean.





  1. Happy Birthday Shelly! I can't believe you are 6 either!

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Shelly!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Shelly! Time sure flies - it seems just like yesterday you were born! Hope you have a wonderful day!