Thursday, January 07, 2010

Random Thoughts

I just downloaded some pictures off the camera and they were all a little disconnected. So, I bring you a post of randomness.

Here is Shelly on New Year's Eve night. We were on our way to dinner and I guess she'd had enough of all my picture taking. And, there she is with her beloved blankie (didi).

And this is Lily working on her new computer. Just loved her profile in this picture.

This year I decided to display the Christmas cards we received on our hallway wall. Here they are adorning the wall. You might just see yours if you look closely.


I left this little note on our message board the other day.

Shelly gave us one of our favorite Christmas gifts. At school, they created the sweetest calendar and here it is on the fridge. She decorated each month with an original picture...just love it! I think I need to find some cute magnets to hold it OR find a way to embellish those.

And last, but not's what we found in Shelly's backpack this afternoon---a three week old banana! Gross!!!! Guess we should have checked that backpack when she came home for the Christmas break.


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  1. I'm still laughing over that old banana! That is something Cole would do.