Friday, February 19, 2010

54 Years

Fifty-four years ago today, my parents were married. I am so thankful that they found one another, that they provided us with a loving home, and that they gave us an example of a happy marriage. Here is a photo from their wedding and a picture of them as they got ready to leave their reception and honeymoon in the Poconos.

Love you both so much. Thinking of you both today.


  1. I just love that you posted these photos. Your mom was stunning on her wedding day. And your handsome. I can totally see your mom in Lily now that I see these photos of her as a young woman. The second photo, that's Lily's face. (((Hugs))) Karol. Love ya!

  2. That is so sweet!!

    Mom and Dad celebrated their 50th last summer.

    Those old photos are so cool, the one of the wedding party, all of them so young and fresh and full of fun and future, it's priceless!

  3. You are blessed! What wonderful memories to have and to hold! :)

  4. nice photos..
    old photo always amuse me..
    by the way, you got a handsome father I say..heh