Friday, February 12, 2010

Party, Treat, and Snow

Yesterday I went to Shelly's class to help with the Valentine's Day party. It was fun to be in there and see the children interacting. Shelly has some really cute little friends in her Kindergarten class. She also has some unruly little boys in her class. But, enough about them. The class made a candy necklace, ate some treats and got their Valentine's from their classmates. Fun and cute.

I made the girls' teachers some yummy peanut butter balls covered in chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate. I think they were a big hit. I know the few remaining ones here are quite addictive.

Oh, and in the latest snow news:  it's 9:30 on Friday night and it's snowing, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
I just opened the front door and hollered at the snow...nicely asking it to stop!

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