Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grieving and Therapy

I recently read an interesting post on this blog and was inspired to think about what has been important to me since the loss of my wonderful mother. I have spent the last year grieving her loss and it has been a therapeutic process, albeit lonely. I am just coming out of a year-long fog. Some of the things that have provided me with the most comfort have been:

1. Acknowledgement from others that I have lost my best friend and I am grieving. I have found this is difficult for some people, but for those who do has been a blessing in my life.

2. Yancey's White Cheddar Cheese with Horseradish from Costco.

3. My daughters' love and presence in my life that will continue my mother's legacy.

4. Chocolate Covered Raisins

5. Panera's Greek Salad

6. My podcasts of the Bob & Sheri show (love their humor).

7. Being with my family in Virginia Beach and just being in VB!

8. My father's strength and wonderful example of how to live life.

9. Putting on some of my mother's jewelry and thinking of her.

10. Reading books---Comfort, The Glass Castle, The Lovely Bones, etc.---I love a good story.

11. Special K with red berries cereal

12. Talking to my sister and sharing our feelings and memories...huge in my life to have someone who can relate.

13. Laughing at The Office. In the summer I became obsessed with the past episodes of The Office and have watched it constantly. It ALWAYS makes me laugh.

14. Photography...taking pictures, digital scrapbooking, looking at old pictures.

15. My husband's love and support and that he listens to me.

16. The many dreams I have of my mother. She comes to me in all forms in these dreams and I love to see her and hear her talk and laugh.

I'm thankful for my mother's love, I'm thankful for the process of grieving, and I am thankful for the diversions that help get me through the days.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I feel that way about my dad, who passed away 7 years ago. I wish I felt about my mom the way you do about yours, but she and i have always had a tumultuous relationship.

  2. (((Hugs))) I think making this list is therapeutic too.

  3. Stumbling across this list was wonderful. I'm glad that life's little joys are helping you cope. I don't know you, but this is beautiful.
    With gratitude and best wishes,