Thursday, May 13, 2010

Her 10th Birthday

So yesterday Lily celebrated her 10th birthday. I simply cannot believe it has been 10 years. She has grown into being such a lovely young lady. She is confident and happy and smart and serious. I just love her.

We decorated the house for the occassion. There were 10s every where!!!

I even added a little artwork to the car to celebrate her big day.

 I took doughnuts to the school for Lily and her friends and they loved their KK glazed yummies.

After homework, she opened her presents.

Lily purchased her own iPod Nano the other day with gift certificates and money she had saved. So, we got her a little sound system for playing the Nano.

Now she can jam out to all of her tween tunes in her bedroom!

Dinner was spent at Red Robin. She ordered off the "real" menu (although she couldn't finish her cheeseburger) and they sang to her while bringing her a balloon and sundae. It was a fun dinner.

And then at home we sang to her while she blew out her candles on her Carvel's ice cream cake. She was so full from dinner that she skipped having a piece of cake...gasp!!!

Then it was off to bed. And, my sweet little 10 year old was so sad that the day was over. I must admit it might be genetic. I, too, love my birthday and feel a little melancholy once it's all over. She shed a few tears and finally fell asleep.

Thankfully, she woke up happy and ready to face the world as a ten year-old!!!

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