Sunday, May 16, 2010


Recently my sister and I got together to have some reel-to-reel tapes put on cds for my dad. They were tapes that were created over a few years in the 60s when my dad was deployed in the Navy and my mom was back home in California with me and my sisters. There were also tapes between my mom and her mother, as well as, several other relatives.  It was an amazing experience to hear my mom's voice. It was so comforting and emotional all at once. I loved hearing her tape to my grandmother. It was so reminiscent of the conversations I had with my mom on the phone. She was talking to her mom about the ordinary every day activities in her life. Just as I would do with my mom.

I am so thankful that we now have these tapes to listen to for a lifetime. But, I am most thankful that my father  can take the time to listen to these cds and remember these times in his life.
(my sisters and my mom)

As an aside, it was fun to hear my sisters when they were little. Very, very cute. And, there are a few snippets of me cooing and babbling when I was little. Fun to hear.

(my sister, Linda, and my mom in 1983)

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