Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Biker Chicks

On Saturday evening, Lily, Shelly and John ran into some neighbors who own Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They were making plans to stop by on Sunday and take the girls for a ride. Lily was over the top excited about the idea. On Sunday, she kept reminding us that the guys might come by. Well, at about 5:00 they showed up and Lily and Shelly raced inside to put on jeans and a shirt over their bathing suits. They were ready for their first motorocycle adventure. John took Shelly on one of the bikes and Lily rode with one of the bike owners. They had a blast. I had a moment of fear, but they didn't go far and they were safe. Of course, for John, I know it just brought back tons of memories of his police motorcycle days. So, I wouldn't be surprised to hear the roar of a motorcycle in my driveway someday soon.

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