Monday, July 12, 2010

Nifty 9

The Nifty Nine are back!!! I have put together a variety of items I've run into on the internet that dazzle the eye or are just plain cool looking.

1.  Love globes and I love this display. Now I need to begin collecting!

2.  This house is just plain cool, but I particulary like this foyer wall.

3.  This recipe looks delish. Thought they sounded yummy for a brunch menu.

4.  I am really looking forward to making these cupcakes. They are all over the internet and sound like  a big hit.

5.  A perfect summer dessert. Need to make these for the next poolside get together.

6. This pink party is just too cute. I don't have any little baby girls or twins for that matter, but it is so sweet!!!

7. This might be the perfect little addition to the girls' hang out area (I think we are transitioning from a playroom to a tween room).

8. Love all of the vinyl wall decals. This one looks so funky over a headboard.

9. In the mid to late 70s my sister had rain gutter shelves in her room. She put all of her record albums on the shelves and it made such a cool display. Now, 40 years later the idea is back in fashion.

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  1. Fun, fun! Thanks for the shout out! :)