Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Our School House is Rocking

This summer I decided we needed a little more review of school topics than we have had in the past. So, I have searched the internet for a variety of review and enrichment activities for both girls to complete. For three days each week the girls have two activities to complete. I am trying to give them a reading/writing and a math activity each time. Some of the items are fun (connect the dots, decoding a message, etc.) and some are reviewing basic concepts (multiplication facts, practicing handwriting). We call the whole thing our "school house". The girls are enjoying it and since we only do it three days a week they can handle the structure. The total for both activities is usually less than 30 minutes. And, all in all, I feel a little better about their readiness for 1st and 5th grade by reviewing and enriching their subjects over the summer. They are also working on reading for 20 minutes a day and generally this is in the evening. For Lily I am encouraging some 5th grade books for her to read over the summer (Island of the Blue Dolphins, Shiloh, Diary of Anne Frank). And, for Shelly we are just reinforcing her reading skills by using her Dick and Jane books. We are also working on the states, capitals, and abbreviations. It's a fun little extra for the whole family.

When we were at the library the other day we checked out the dvd School House Rock. It was the perfect little extra after our "school house" lessons. The girls loved it and the cartoons are still catchy and funny 30ish years later. A great learning tool (and it was free from the library...bonus!).

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  1. Arionna LOVES the Dick and Jane books. And, you can't go wrong with School House Rocks! I will have to see if our library has it.