Thursday, July 15, 2010


Some of the random things taking place:

We went with a nice crowd of children to the bowling alley for lots of bowling fun. Great way to stay out of the heat.

We have a yummy new yogurt shop in our area. It is just delicious and so cute inside.

Lily has finally mastered her bike!! I am so proud of her and now we are zipping all over the place.

Our church is requesting health kits for Haiti and today Lily and I put together two kits to donate. Feels good to do something good. But, I think it's better when I don't talk about my good deed. Isn't that right???

We are so looking forward to fluffy girls arrival. It is still a week or so off, but so excited.

I am hoping to get back into some digital scrapbooking. Then the next goal is to have them printed and put them in my albums.

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