Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thankful for My Mom

Over the last 16 months I have discussed how sad I am that my mother is no longer with me. I've talked about the many things I miss about her and the daily thoughts I have about my mom. But, today I was thinking about the many things that I am thankful for when it comes to my mother.

Mom, Me, and Dad in 1988

1. I am so lucky that she was my mom.

2. I learned how to be a strong woman from my mom.

3. She was proud of me even when I wasn't quite sure about myself.

4. She gave me a love of teaching and education.

5. My mom taught me how to be a mom by her constant example.

6. She was there the moment Lily was born.

7. She (and my dad) were the first people in our family to meet Shelly. I was so thankful to see both of them just hours after I got home from the hospital.

Lily, Dad, Mom, and Shelly in 2004

8. My mom had a great sense of humor and a great laugh.

9. My mother was incredibly patient.

10. She was an amazing listener and problem solver.

11. She gave me advice that never sounded pushy or overbearing.

12. My mom played with my children and was a terrific grandmother.

13. I am thankful she knew both of my girls.

14. She taught me a love of crafts.

15. My mother knew a lot about many topics.

16. She was a devoted wife and mother.

17. She taught me the importance of writing thank you notes.

18. She passed on her love of paper products.

19. My mom shared her love of the American Girl dolls with my girls.

These are just a few things that popped in my head as I thought about my mother today.

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