Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dear Mom

A letter to my mom:

Dear Mom,

I miss you. Things are going well. The girls started school this week and they are both enjoying it. I am surprised, but Shelly has not had any problems leaving for school this year. I remember how much I wanted to be with you when I was little. I still do.

We have a sweet little kitten. We named her Chloe and I know you would love her. I can just imagine you sitting on the couch with her on your lap. She would love you, too. Just like all of my other cats.

I'm working on being happier and living a fuller life. I know you lived your life to the fullest and I want to do the same.

The girls and I talk about you frequently. We all miss and love you.

PhotobucketI miss you more today than yesterday. I hope you are calm, happy, and at peace. Take care.

Love, K :)


  1. Very lovely post, Karol. hugs

  2. I understand. P. M.