Monday, November 29, 2010

The Christmas Lists


When I was young (in the 70s) my mom created a variety of Christmas related items on which we would put our Christmas lists. Each year was a different theme---trees, candles, wreaths, gifts, etc. Each person had their own tree (or other symbol for the year) and we would put our Christmas wish list items on the cut out. My mom posted the lists on the wall in our kitchen and we could read them for ideas for one another. Even the dog, Lucy, had her own list. It was such a memorable holiday tradition.

One of my favorite gifts---the Pentel Markers---I used those for years after that Christmas
Can you believe my mother saved these lists in a box with the Christmas items? Loved to reminisce while reading each of the lists. Fun to see what I wanted and what was popular each year.

Loved my Sunshine Family and the fact that I specified a "nice" camera in my list

I think this is such a fun idea and a special way to remember those Christmas lists. So, we (Lily) created snowman to start our new holiday tradition this year.

Baby Tender Love was such a cool doll---loved her

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  1. What a COOL tradition! I love Christmas memories like this, thanks for sharing.