Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Surgery/Recovery Update

Cheilectomy Surgery Update: (FYI---some foot photos that may gross you out to follow)

So, for two weeks I stayed in a hard soled shoe with my foot wrapped in gauze/dressing and an ace bandage. 
Foot in bandages and the shoe
Had to paint the toenails during my boring elevated foot time

Two weeks after the surgery, I went to the doctor, they removed all of the wrapping to take out the stitches (one long running stitch the equivalent of about 5 stitches). 

Ick---I know!!!! Foot in the doctor's office right after being unwrapped

Then the incision site was covered with steri-strips and a large band aid. When I left the doctor's office I was told to exercise the toe with some simple movements and to rub the incision area with a dry washcloth to reduce scar tissue from developing. I was then given approval to drive and I was good to go.

Swelling in the toe and the area around it

The first night home without the stitches and the hard soled shoe my toe was in a bit of pain. The pain subsided quite a bit the next day and I was able to drive without much problem. I am 18 days out from the surgery and gaining mobility in the right toe and I have found two pairs of shoes that work fine, as well as, a pair of super comfy slippers. 

My comfy slippers---these were my mom's---thanks, mom!

Still eager for more progress, but trying to be realistic about the recovery time.

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  1. Glad the recovery is coming along. Patience sweetie, you'll be back to normal soon.