Sunday, December 23, 2012

Card Selections & a Review

This year I ordered my cards from both Shutterfly and Costco.

The cards from Shutterfly were the flat note card version. I used their preset templates and added my photos to the front and the back of the card. I was super impressed with the weight of the cards, but felt the color of my photo had a slightly yellow hue. But, overall I was pleased. I ordered the cards online on Wednesday night and received the cards on Friday evening via Fed Ex. I had a terrific coupon that I won for $50 off of $50. So, I ended up spending $9 for 35 cards. 



My cards from Costco were created by me. I designed the card and uploaded it to their blank card template. I love the unique size of the Costco cards, but I don't love the flimsy weight of the card/photo. They did a terrific job with the colors for this card. I ordered the card online on a Wednesday night and was able to pick up the cards by noon on Thursday. The cards cost me $21 for 75 cards...can't beat the price!!!

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