Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Spring Break Summary

We had a terrific 11 days off of school for spring break. We started the break with a trip to Virginia Beach to see our family (my dad, my sister and her family, and John's mom, two sisters, and brother and their families). We shopped, found the perfect pair of shoes for Lily's spring dance, went out to lunch, went to the beach, attended an Easter egg hunt, and had a family brunch.

The girls and the kitty riding back to NC

We came back home to NC on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, the girls and I did a little shopping/browsing and went to the movies. We saw The Croods...a surprisingly cute and funny movie.

On Thursday we teamed up with several neighborhood friends and went to a trampoline park. On our way there we encountered sleet, hail, and a few snowflakes. After the trampoline fun we went to the mall with four moms and seven girls. There were plenty of laughs and good deals spotted on our visit to the mall. Oh, and I managed to leave two of the girls behind in a department store while the rest of us we off in the mall. That brought about a few moments of panic, but thankfully the two girls (one was my own 9 year old) were very calm, cool, and collected about it all. As we got ready to head home, the weather had turned to full fledged snow! We couldn't believe it was April 4th!

Friday we enjoyed a nice day at home making cupcakes and smoothies and we took a relaxing walk in the sunshine. Lily was off to a party Friday night and Shelly, John, and I went to the clubhouse for dinner.

Saturday the girls and I shopped and enjoyed lunch out while John took in 27 holes of golf on a gorgeous 70 degree day.

And on Sunday poor Shelly was under the weather with a stomach bug. While she rested, John, Lily, and I went outside to pull weeds and spread some mulch. I spent the afternoon tending to Shelly and soaking in the sun on the deck.

We rounded out the break on Monday (our final day off) by playing games, having lunch outside, and enjoying more sunshine. And, Shelly was on the mend and feeling 100% better.

When we put the girls to bed last night, they both commented on what a great break they had. It was a low-key, easy, and calm vacation from the busy winter months we had experienced. We all needed this perfect little break.

Silly sisters bonding over their spring
 break! Lots of giggles and laughs.

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