Thursday, May 09, 2013

Chairs and Paint

In the winter, we sold our deck table and 4 of the chairs that went with the set. The table and chairs were really just in the way and received very little use. We kept the two chairs that swiveled, rocked, and had cushions, as well as, an umbrella stand. I had an idea that I would use these chairs for a nice little seating area on our deck. 

For my birthday, I got a sweet wicker love seat and a coffee table. We added the chairs to the seating area and it just seemed perfect...with one exception. The chairs were a tan powder coated steel and they really didn't blend with the look I was going for.

So, I went to Home Depot and purchased two cans of this spray paint:

It has a slight metallic finish and the color is oil-rubbed bronze. The cool little trigger makes it super easy to use.

The first piece I attempted was the umbrella stand. I could instantly see that this was the look I wanted. 

After waiting for about 12 days for the rain to stop, we were able to start on the chairs. John took over this task (I don't think he trusts me with the bigger projects). Before painting he sanded the rusty spots (just a couple of those) and the spots where the paint was chipping. 

And viola, a whole new chair was born. I am loving the result and can't wait to get the chairs on to the deck and ready for the summer!

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