Saturday, May 11, 2013


I'm chatting about Mother's Day today instead of tomorrow. The reason? Tomorrow is all about Lily and her 13th birthday. But, today I'm thinking about my mom and about becoming a mom.

My mom shared so much with me and I think some of her best advice was given to me through her actions. I watched the way she treated people and I learned how to be good to others. I watched her remain calm during difficult situations and that taught me how to handle the tough times in my own life. I noticed the way she taught my sisters and I while staying quiet and letting us make our own decisions (some bad and some good) and I try every day to let my own girls learn by making their own choices. Her actions truly spoke louder than words and I took notice of that.

Our Family

As a mom, I'm working to emulate my mother's actions. I try to help my girls with the really big decisions and guide them along the way. And with the smaller decisions, I give pieces of advice and stand back to let them make their own choices. I remember learning from both my great decisions and the very bad decisions I made along the way, as my mother did the same for me. I felt as if all of this helped me as I got older and I no longer had my parents right at my side. I was now responsible for figuring out life on my own and I am grateful that they gave me the opportunity to practice all of that decision making as a child/teen.

Me and the girls
December 2012

It has made it very clear to me that these little girls of mine are watching everything I do and that seems like such a huge responsibility. I just hope that what they see in me they want to emulate as much as I did with my own mother.

Happy, Happy Mother's Day to my momma in heaven!!! And, thank you to my precious girls for making me their momma!

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