Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Extra Chores for Cash

As the summer approached I began thinking about a better way to do chores for the girls. They are both pretty good about cleaning and doing what is asked of them. But, I wanted to come up with a list of chores that were expected daily and a group of chores that the girls could choose to do for extra money each week. 

Here is their list of "Everyday Chores" and they are both very good about completing these jobs. These chores are not associated with a monetary amount. They are simply the things that they need to accomplish as part of a member of our household.

The list of "Extra Chores" are the things that they can select and complete for extra spending money. I go along with them on the first time they attempt a task to show them the basics of completing the job. Then they complete the chore, have me evaluate whether it was completed satisfactorily, and place the slip of paper in their envelope. On Fridays, I total their money amounts and they receive that amount for the week.

Extra chores list:
  • 50¢    Wipe down kitchen counters (all)
  • 50¢    Empty all house garbages and take them to the green box
  • 50¢    Sweep the kitchen floor
  • $1  Dust downstairs
  • $1  Vacuum downstairs
  • $1  Vacuum upstairs
  • $1  Unload the dishwasher
  • 50¢    Clean all bathroom mirrors
  • $1  Clean the shower/bathtub
  • $1  Clean kitchen faces (front of cabinets, oven, refrig)
  • $1  Clean toilets
  • $2  Make a dinner meal
  • $1  Clean up kitchen after meal (includes washing dishes and putting in dish washer)

I thought it was an interesting way for them to see how when they have an actual job one day that the more you do within your job, the better you will be compensated (hopefully). And, if they don't choose to do any extra jobs, they don't get any extra money for the week. A bit similar to the early colonists way of living...You Must Work to Survive. Ok, maybe that's going a bit too far, but it is hopefully instilling a sense of responsibility and a work ethic in them both.

Prepared with her supplies

Off to complete a task

Cleaning the bathroom mirrors

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