Friday, October 18, 2013

Karol's Baby

The story of the iPhone begins in 2007. I was so eager for the keynote speech by Steve Jobs and I vividly remember following along to see the big reveal (see video below):

After watching the keynote (it still gives me chills to watch this), I was hooked! When and where could I get my hands on this cool new iPhone?! With the new phone came a new hefty price and we weren't in the market for that expense at the time.

One evening John came home from a golf tournament that had a silent auction. At the auction he bid on and won the new iPhone. He got it for a great price. He brought it home and ceremoniously handed me my new phone. But, seconds later he took it back and requested that I check on eBay to see if we could sell it for a higher price than he had paid. Sure enough, I could sell it and make about $100 on the deal. So, that's what I did! And, within just a few days the iPhone (which was still in the box and never opened) was no longer mine. 

Fast forward to 2013---several new iPhones have been introduced and still I sit without one using a non smartphone for my communication. I have waited, sometimes patiently and sometimes not so patiently, to one day own my very own iPhone. A device that I am well versed in its operation and have helped many friends and family learn how to use (ironic? yes.). 

But, October 17th, 2013 will go down in history (right along with that date in January of 2007) as the date that I finally got my shiny new iPhone!!!!!!!!!!! It was a beautiful moment. It arrived at my doorstep and I carefully opened the box. And, as I looked at that phone I think I might have heard angels singing above me (or was that just my mom---a lover of electronic gadgets!).

This may all sound a bit dramatic, but waiting to receive this piece of incredible technology has felt dramatic.

I have even named her and I think it's only fitting~
Karol's Baby

And now, I must phone is calling me!


  1. LOL You're so funny! I'm glad you finally got your iphone!

  2. Congrats!!! There's no going back now!!!!

  3. YAY and I agree with'll be hooked;)