Thursday, October 24, 2013


I frequently hear parents talking about the perils of today's technology and no doubt those concerns are real. But, this past weekend Lily and my sister proved that technology is a valuable educational tool.

Lily was having some questions about her math assignment and after some failed attempts on my part, we decided to call in the professional. My sister is a Calculus teacher and we knew she could help Lily with her math.

We called her up via Facetime and they went to work solving those Algebra problems. It was a great way to use the technology for good. And, I loved the interaction between my very smart sister and my very smart daughter. So great! 

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  1. That's awesome!! Gerad's sister is a high school math teacher, and thank GOD she is, so she can help Mariah, via cell phone, on her Calculus homework!! :) That will come in SO handy!!