Thursday, November 21, 2013


Some random things:

  • There have been some really amazing sunrises in the morning. Lily caught this one with my phone. Loved all of the colors. 
  • Shelly had her picture taken in front of really cool McDonald's in Chicago. Hard to tell from this photo but the arches were huge. 
  • Found this sweet photo of my girls on my phone. They were taking selfies all over Chicago. This one was at Ed Debevic's. 
  • Shelly attended a fun art party the other day. The girls painted a ballerina. Loved how all of their artwork was just a little different than the next one. 

  • Thanksgiving is coming. Yay, that means we get to spend our time with our family. 

  • Our nephew's football team won their division title. They are now advancing to the playoffs. So proud of him. 

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