Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

For some reason I always seem to play a game of Christmas Card Russian Roulette this time of year. All year long I think about the photo opportunities for the next year's Christmas card. I daydream of cool backdrops and style outfits for the girls in my dreams. 

But suddenly the Christmas card pictures haven't been taken and the time is running out. The cool spots for photos fall to the wayside and the perfect outfits don't really happen. And, without fail when I do select a time to take the girls' pictures, my camera battery dies. This leaves me with a small selection of photos to chose from and a deadline that comes eerily close to Christmas Day. 

This year was worse than ever. As I speak, I am hopeful that people are finally receiving their cards. After I placed my order at Costco, I found myself picking them up a week later and sitting in the parking lot addressing them (I did manage to print out address labels that I brought with me), writing notes on some, and slapping on the stamps. 

Why, oh why do I insist on doing this to myself? Maybe 2014 will be the year of no more photo procrastination. 

Here are a few of the photoshoot out takes and rejects for this year. 


Leaf Throwing




Running Free

Sitting Pretty

Oops...pull up that zipper!!!

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  1. Ok that zipper thing got a big chuckle out of me! Love it!!