Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tree Time

We picked up our tree (from our neighbor's house who owns a Christmas tree lot in the NC mountains) on Wednesday. And, finally, on Sunday morning the lights were on it and we were ready to decorate. Although, I must say there is a single strand of lights that are out and we couldn't fix it. And, guess what? We didn't really care...no big deal. 

On that subject, I scan the blogs and see hundreds of beautiful Christmas trees that are perfect. Just beautiful and perfect! But, I don't really subscribe to the perfect Christmas tree idea. As a matter of fact, our tree is in the tree stand and leaning heavily to the right...a la the Leaning Tower of Pisa! We don't have a tree that is all matchy matchy. We have a tree decorated with ornaments that are special to our family and many are homemade. I love it. We all do. 

So, here are the tree decorating photos!

The Tree

John and Shelly decorating

One of my favorite ornaments
Both girls made these in preschool

Lily admiring the tree

Shelly decorating

Two faves---my iced tea and the Santa belt 

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