Thursday, January 23, 2014


A bit of random info for the blog today. 

Lily took her Spanish exam last week and the results determined if she would receive high school credit for her Spanish classes in middle school. I'm happy to report she passed! We were all thrilled for her on Saturday night when her teacher emailed with the information. 

Shelly has had a persistent cough for about three weeks. We went to the doctor on Monday and she was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. So, the great parent award goes to me for letting it go so long before we hit the pediatrician's office! I felt terrible but have heard that there isn't much to do for a cough and was reluctant to go to the doctor. Hoping she will be on the mend soon. 

The girls and I went to see Frozen awhile back and I just loved it. We all did. Lily went back to see it on Monday and she is obsessed. I love the story of the two sisters...sweet and strong girls. And the music is fantastic. 

We have some acquaintances who have been dealing with some health issues. Thinking of them and how quickly life can change. Prayers. 

This cold weather has been crazy. The girls were out of school for three days (holiday/teacher work days) and then went into school on a two hour delay due to the weather. It was 18* this morning. Brrr!

As a family, we put together a 750 piece puzzle! It took us quite awhile but was super satisfying once it was done. We let the finished puzzle sit on the coffee table for several days. Then the girls decided it was time to open another puzzle. This time it's only 550 pieces!

John and I loving the game, Catan! John's mom got it for us for Christmas and we are constantly trying to get the girls to play. So fun. 

The girls are starting their second semester today! Wow, time has flown by and before I know it Shelly will be in her last year of elementary school and Lily will be in high school. 

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