Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Tenth Birthday

Shelly had a fun day on her 10th. She woke up to a chocolate doughnut with a candle in it. And lots of 10s all over the house!!!

I brought doughnuts to school for her class at lunch time. Sprinkle doughnuts for everyone!!!!

And once she got home she opened her gifts. 

A homemade card from us

Admiring her gifts
Bathing suit in January

Cards from family

Another Loom case!!!

collage craft

Gymnast shirt from Lily

New iPod case


Girlie Nerf gun

Bow and arrow---watch out!!!

Lavender filled stuffed cat

Sculpey clay

Cool cat shirt from the Pratts

After gifts, it was time to head to Red Robin for her celebration dinner. YUMMMM!

Ready for dinner

And she finished off the evening with her cookie cake. Happy Birthday, Shelly!!!
After shower and ready for her cookie cake

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