Sunday, February 09, 2014

Love, Mom

A year or two ago I remember reading a blog entry on the Reluctant Entertainer that showed a wonderful keepsake that she made for her sisters. I loved the idea and thought it would be such a neat way to take my mom's handwriting and make it a permanent display.

My mother had such beautiful handwriting and I decided it would be nice to make something similar for my sister for her birthday.

I used a note that I had from my mom, scanned the image, and then enlarged it by a bit. From here, my method is slightly different than the method used on the Reluctant Entertainer. So try the one you like best.

I printed the signature and then created my own graphite paper to transfer the handwriting onto a white tray (white tray from TJ Maxx). 

To create the paper, I just rubbed a pencil on to a piece of tracing paper. I placed the rubbed side down on the tray and traced my mother's handwriting.

Once the handwriting was transferred to the tray, I went over it with my Sharpie black paint pen and with the pink paint pen, I added two small hearts. I wiped off the excess pencil from the tray and baked it at 350* for 30 minutes. Having baked it, the handwriting is permanent on the tray. 

Oops, I spy a typo---it's "rubbing"
Sorry about that one

It was a simple craft that I thought would be a nice way to remember my mom, her handwriting, and how much she loved my sister.


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    1. Thanks, Christol. A little something to remind us of our mother's love.

  2. Love this, Karol. And shared on RE today, sending readers over! Happy Valentine's Day, friend!

    1. Sandy, thanks so much for sharing this with your readers. Such an honor.