Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy---the Pomeranian

On our way home from the beach trip, the bus made a stop at a gas station right outside of Raleigh. As Shelly and I stood in line for a restroom break, I had the idea to get off the bus and have John come pick us up. 

Sounds odd, but our plans for that evening were to arrive home from the trip at about 8:00 and then get back in the car to drive the hour and a half trip back to Raleigh. We were going there on Friday night for Lily's final volleyball tournament on Saturday morning. So, avoiding that long drive home and return trip sounded appealing. 

After checking with the teachers and getting our bags we left the bus and friends behind and set out on our adventure. 

I looked up a cab company and arranged to have them pick us up at the Burger King next to the gas station. After checking on the cost of the cab ride, I let the driver know I was short on cash and she offered to take me to an ATM to get the remainder of the money.

We hung out at the BK and waited for the cab driver to arrive. As I scanned the restaurant, I was feeling slightly uneasy about our whereabouts. I tried to be sure that I didn't let that show because this adventure wasn't too appealing to Shelly. She was a bit concerned about it all (understandably). 

Our cab arrived and I instantly felt better about the situation. The driver happily took our bags and helped us into the cab. Inside the cab we found the cutest little dog. Happy, the Pomeranian, was sitting up front and happily watching us. Once we told the cab driver it was ok, she let Happy come to the back to see us. That sweet little dog made our trip so fun and she relieved Shelly's fears. Happy was a rescue dog who had found the perfect owner. 

The sweet cab driver got us to the hotel and would only accept the $32 in cash that I had. As opposed to taking us to an ATM for the remaining $13. I took her card and am sending her the remainder of the fare. She made a crazy situation better by bringing her Happy-ness into our life that day.

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  1. What a sweet, sweet story!! Love it!