Sunday, May 25, 2014

Goodbye Chubby

Last week was the end of a decade for me. For ten years I drove a minivan. We owned two Nissan Quest minivans and they both treated us well. They were convenient for kids, easy to load with all of our stuff, and trustworthy vehicles. The girls could easily get in and out of the car with the sliding door and it held plenty of people comfortably. 

Our van was close to hitting 100,000 miles and she was in need of many repairs. So, we decided it was time to look for something new. And, we found a new vehicle---this time not a minivan. 

It was a little sad to say goodbye to our van, who we named Chubby (because she didn't fit well into parking spots). It was the only car Shelly remembers me driving and it safely took care of us during two run-ins with deer. 

 So, goodbye to a decade of driving a minivan. A decade I will always remember fondly. And goodbye to our sweet ol' Chubby!

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