Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Teeth Phase I

Lily had Invisalign installed on her teeth back in September. The process includes adhering "buttons" or snaps on to the teeth for the Invsalign trays. Over time the trays help to move the teeth and shift them into the proper position. Lily has had a ton of success with this procedure.

Yesterday, Lily had the buttons on her top row of teeth removed. Then the orthodontist filed down her front teeth a bit to make them more uniform and---ding---she has a beautiful set of top row teeth.

The Before and After (taken with my iPad, so not the best quality)

Her bottom row has another 7 weeks of tray wear left. So, in July they will evaluate her progress with the bottom teeth and determine what will happen next with her orthodontic plan. 

She was given a retainer for her top row of teeth and she will wear that to maintain her progress.

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