Monday, June 16, 2014

Last Day

The girls wrapped up their school year on Friday. Lily finished 8th grade with a ceremony at her school. She was asked by the 8th grade teachers to read the invocation for the ceremony. We were so proud of her and her poise while sharing the invocation message. Lily also received several awards and she also was responsible for creating the program for the promotion ceremony. So impressed with all of her  accomplishments this year. 

Ready for the ceremony

Delivering the invocation

Awards time


Favorite Teacher---Mrs. P

Another favorite teacher---Mrs. Reid (aka Mrs. Martin)

Peace Out, Middle School!

Shelly also attended the ceremony for Lily so we stopped by her school to see her teacher on the last day. Shelly's awards ceremony was earlier in the week and we were really pleased with all of that she had achieved throughout the year. She is such a hard working student who is happy and kind. Shelly makes us all smile. 

Awards assembly on Monday


Shelly & Elli

Happy Speller

Shelly finishing 4th Grade

Shelly & Mrs. Flynt


Sisters ready for some summer!!!!

Lily's Invocation:

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