Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Very Happy Place

The girls and I got away for a week to enjoy our family and friends in Virginia Beach. Boy, I sure do miss living in this town. One of the things I notice about being in VB is how comfortable I feel in this area. Everything just feels familiar and easy. I like that. Of course, I lived in Virginia Beach for 28 years. So that explains the feelings of home I have when I'm there.
82nd Street Fun


The girls loved the beach time


The girls and I visited with friends. We had lunch at Big Sam's with their aunts, cousins, Bestemor, and uncle. We met friends for lunch at YNot pizza. We had dinner with my dad, sister, and the cousins at Plaza Azteca where I get my favorite white sauce (not cheese's a whole different thing). We stopped at Taste Unlimited three times for sandwiches, cookies, and their awesome house dressing. We got sandwiches at WaWa to take to the beach. We spent a day at 82nd street soaking up the sun and using the boogie board. We went to Busch Gardens and Shelly was a champ on the ultimate scary roller coaster rides. We all had a ton of fun that day. We did some shopping and went to the Navy Exchange (always a favorite of ours). We stopped at WRV and found some really cute Van's for Lily and a fun crop top for Shelly. Oh, and I got a new WRV sticker for the new car. We swam in my dad's pool and helped him complete several crossword puzzles. We ate dinner at Harold's where we all shared the best Greek salad around. We watched the US tie Portugal in soccer and attempted to develop an interest in the game. We laughed a ton. 

Boogie board fun

The bottom line---we had a great time. We loved spending time with our family and friends and we miss all of it so much!!!

Toes in the sand

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