Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Process

I just recently read a post on the HumansofNY Instagram and a mother mentioned that she was working on the process of letting go. That really struck a chord with me. As mothers, we are constantly creating an environment where we can see our children growing and becoming independent and our job is to let them go. 

Little Lily

I'm a newbie at this process. I've just recently started seeing the value in keeping my mouth shut and allowing my children to make some decisions without hearing my opinion first. And guess what? It has been a pretty successful experiment. They are making good decisions, pushing themselves, and gaining confidence. 

Small Shelly

I have to admit, I'm a talker. I love to give them advice and share my experiences. But sometimes I think all of that keeps them from the process of letting go...of letting go of me and making their own choices.

Lily and Shelly growing up

I know I won't always keep my opinions to myself, but I'm learning how to stand back and let my girls succeed or even fail. I know that with either outcome they'll become aware of how to make their own choices in life and I'll learn how to let step at a time. 

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