Friday, July 25, 2014

Random Photos

Lily enjoying a KK doughnut

After watching The Walking Dead, Lily slept with Shelly

Shelly enjoying her drink at Center Grove

Shelly trying on a hat at Target
Shelly on the deck admiring the moon

Wedding Rehearsal

Lily and Kaden at the reception

Shelly in her doughnut shirt enjoying a smiley face doughnut

I finally won this ridiculously addicting game!

On our way to Busch Gardens!

Lunch at Red Robin

Froyo after dinner

J & K selfie

Girls at the Gorslines

Shelly & John after dinner stroll

John and the girls

Peace out from Shelly

Shelly at TJ Maxx

She's Stoked for summer
And, finally, a little cousin sing along:

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