Sunday, August 10, 2014

Finals Days of Summer

Only two weeks left of the summer of 2014. Hard to believe. The days and weeks have truly flown by this summer. It has been filled with plans and very little down time. Here and there we have savored the days that held no plans, but overall this summer has been busy. Sometimes too busy. 

I remember the lazy days of summer when the girls were little. They played with their American Girl dolls, they made videos of each other, they crafted for hours, and they loved to dress up like brides. There was a ton of free time and no real plans. And I'm sure during that period of our life, I wished for more of a schedule and less down time. Irony. 

So the summer is coming to an end and I am preparing to be a mother of a high school student and a 5th grader in her last year of elementary school. I know that they are ready for these big changes and I am hoping to be ready right alongside them. 

I'm trying to worry a little less and embrace the unknown a little more. For most people this might not seem like a huge feat but for the extreme planner in me, it's a monumental accomplishment. With that in mind, I will try not to overthink every aspect of their upcoming school year and as Elsa said, I will try to just , "Let it Go"!  Wish me luck. 

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