Friday, August 22, 2014

Going Back to School

School begins for the girls on Monday. That means that Lily will head off to high school and Shelly will enter her last year in elementary school. Whoa!

When did my little girls who loved playing with baby dolls and watching Barney and Dora get so old?

The girls had their Open Houses at their schools on Thursday night. They were both happy to see their friends and happy to meet their new teachers. 

I'm ready for this big new chapter for them both. I know they will be fine and do well. As a former teacher, I love the Fall and the new beginnings that come with the start of school. I enjoy the routine and schedule that comes along with being back at school and I think I'm ready for it all to get going. Sometimes the anticipation of the unknown is the hardest part.

So, let's get this school year going!!!

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