Saturday, August 30, 2014

Week One and Done!

The girls have successfully completed their first week of 5th and 9th grade!!! That means Shelly's last year of elementary and Lily's first year of high school are off and running. And I mean literally running!!! It was an amazingly busy first week of school.

Night before school starts---
Curly haired girl wants straightened hair
Straight haired girl wants curly

Lily had three volleyball games which means we weren't home before 8:00 and most nights around 9:00 on volleyball nights. I was super impressed with Lily this week. At one of her volleyball games her coach asked for a volunteer to do the line judging. None of the girls were stepping up, so Lily took the lead and said she'd do it. The coach rewarded her with allowing her to skip the next night's practice. She was thrilled and I was impressed that she did the right thing without knowing there would be a bonus at the end.
First day of school happiness
Shelly had her first night of cheerleading practice last week. She is excited to start up again with cheering.

Here a couple of random photos of the girls (not related to the start of school):
Happy sisters

So, now we will take a break from all of the busyness of life and just chill during our long weekend.

And here's Shelly getting off the bus on her first day of her last year in elementary school.

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