Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bedrooms Part 1

In the 70's, I had my own bedroom in a house on Abbey Drive. I have very vivid memories of that room. It had pink shag carpet and a set of twin beds (the same bunk beds my sisters used and the same ones that Lily now has in here room). My room had a complete wall of book shelves and I used the bottom shelf as a desk. My Madame Alexander dolls were on the top shelf to ward against anyone touching them and my red record player sat on my dresser in that room. An Olivia Newton John poster hung on one of the walls. It was a promotional poster that I got for free from one of the local record shops. My beds were covered in the sweetest bedspreads with tiny flowers covering them. It was the perfect pink room for a girl in the 70's. Almost all of my bedroom memories are housed in my head. There are very few photos of my room. 

So, I decided to take some impromptu photos of the girls' rooms. I didn't run around and clean the nooks and crannies. So these are real images of what their bedrooms look like right now. Today I'm sharing the pictures of Lily's room. And I hope that these photos will help her when she's in her 40's and trying to remember what her room looked like.

One of the bunk beds I once used

The mannequin currently displaying her necklaces

A bevy of fragrances on display

Her wall of art and photos

The vanity

bookshelf with style books displayed and the "Lilly" inspired canvas from a friend

Each night her outfit is hung for the next school day

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