Monday, October 20, 2014

Homecoming 2014

Lily is on her high school's Student Council and her first official duty included planning the Homecoming. She served on the Homecoming Court committee and helped with decorations, the banquet, the invitations, and much more. On Friday, Lily was one of the individuals chosen to escort the court and their escorts on to the track and bring out the flowers. I had no idea what her responsibilities included. So it was fun to see her out there doing her thing...proud mom moment!!!

The Cougar (school mascot)

The Homecoming Court was waiting in a room that overlooked the field. With my telephoto camera lens I was able to zoom in on the kids and I found Lily among the group!

The dads watching the game

Fans, football players, and coaches

Lily heading out with the Court

The girls waiting to be presented

Oh, and there was also a football game going on that night!

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