Sunday, November 02, 2014


The Lion and Elsa

Halloween on a Friday night means more fun and less stress about rushing home and getting to bed. 

So, we organized the annual Halloween get together before trick or treating. Everyone brings an easy to share appetizer and the kids get a chance to show off their costume to one another. It really is the highlight of Halloween for me. I love to see them all together in their costumes laughing and having fun. 

This year was one of our favorite Halloweens. 

Shelly was Elsa from Frozen and Lily was a lion. They both used their hair to their advantage for their choice of costume. 

Elsa hair

Let it Snow!

Sparkles in her braid

Lily's homemade lion costume

 Sisters on Halloween

Behind the scenes prep for the big photo!

Girls and their phones---even at the Halloween event
Black eyed pea, lion, army girl, Rosie the Riveter

The Lily (Lilly)s!
Unicorn, Elsa, Sailor

Elsa being chased by the scary trick or treaters

Uh Oh, help Elsa!

Elsa and the baby zombie bride

On the golf cart, ready for the real fun to begin!!!!

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  1. Karol, the girls are gorgeous! Lily's costume is so original. Love it! Shelly is perfect as Elsa.