Saturday, January 10, 2015

An Art Party

We celebrated Shelly's birthday a week early with a party! An art party to be exact. Shelly is a lover of all things creative and artsy. So we thought this would be the perfect party theme.

I started by searching Pinterest for various ideas. And Pinterest came through. I put my own spin and combined some ideas. 


I fell in love with these little pinatas from Target!

I made a simple photo background with a black cardboard and chalk design
Photo props from Walmart! So fun.

Shelly trying out the props

I created two art canvas designs (doughnuts and cupcakes) for the girls to paint

We set up two tables in our eating area of the kitchen and the counter for painting the canvases and enjoying some popcorn.

The super happy birthday wreath! I wrapped a straw wreath in red and white chevron ribbon. Then I used floral pins to stick the balloons into the wreath. I used about 200 balloons of varying sizes. After the balloons were in place I added pipe cleaners that I twirled around a pencil to make bouncy. To finish it off, I added a wooden "S" that I painted and secured with a ribbon to the wreath.

Once the guests arrived (12 girls total), we began painting. They were so creative and patient with their designs. They seemed to enjoy painting and chatting!

There I am giving instructions!

The girls are hard at work

Smiling artists!

Canvases drying in the garage (excuse the garage floor)

So many clever and unique designs

After painting the girls danced to Just Dance 2014 and then came down for pizza.

After enjoying their pizza they were off to do a little Karaoke and have some girl time. While they were hanging out my expert assistant, Lily, and I cleaned up the pizza, put the kitchen tables back together, and prepared the artist palettes with cupcakes.

Artist palette with cupcake and items for decorating the cupcake (sprinkles, mini kisses, Kisses, M&Ms, jelly beans, etc.).

A very happy Shelly

Super silly girls

After cupcakes, they played a little Twister and were ready for Shelly to open her presents. Then we finished the night with pictures in front of the photo background holding props.

It's nice to have the birthday girl up on a stool so everyone can see her opening their gifts.

And that's a wrap!!!! Another birthday party under our belt. I couldn't have done it without Lily and all of her help. And, Shelly's smile throughout the night made it all worthwhile!

Here's a video of her friends singing to her:

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