Monday, February 09, 2015

Around Here

So, my blog posts have been sparse. I think it's the time of year. I sometimes feel like hibernating in January and February. So, my posts aren't full of rich content. But, here are a few things going on around here.

Daisy got a hold of something the other day and really became violently ill. Poor thing was so distraught afterward and snuggled with me all evening...just like a little baby does when they're sick. We aren't sure what happened, but it was pretty pitiful. She is now doing fine.

Daisy snuggling between me and Shelly

Daisy's furry paws!

I recently found out about these DIY marquee letters and I couldn't wait to give them a try. Here's my "F"! 

Sweet sentiment about sisters that I found online

We are obsessed with playing this game. It permanently sits on the table and we announce, randomly, that it's time to play.

I went to a local shop and bought this fun pillow. It perfectly describes the feeling I want in my home.

Valentine's day is fast approaching. I put together these little gifts for the 13 "extra" teachers/staff at Shelly's school. I found the fun little tag here. I'm not quite done packaging them. I may add some candies and will wrap it all up with baker's twine.

The next set of Valentine's are for Shelly's four main teachers. I found the fun monster tag here. We all love the EOS balm here, so I thought these were a cute little gift. I added some candies and a set of note cards with each teacher's initial on it. I found the cards at Michael's.

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