Monday, February 16, 2015


I love decorative pillows. I really love pillows that are a good deal and comfy. At Christmas I found this cute pillow from a local crafter. 

Recently, I went back to her sale and found another fun pillow to use in place of the Christmas pillow. 

I look and look for pillows, but they tend to be so pricey. I spend quite a bit of time in Target and I'm always on the lookout for pillows there. And finally all of the stars aligned and these pillows popped out at me.  The cream/tan design pillows were sold as a set for $29.99 and then I got my 5% Red card discount. The creamy white blanket pillow was on sale for $12.48. So, it was a good day for pillow shopping. 

The leopard pillow is an oldie

Love the feel and texture of this sweater pillow

And now, my couch is overloaded with pillows! These tend to move around the den and land on a couple of the chairs. So, the den becomes a warm and comfy sea of pillows and blankets. 

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